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Dr. Vicki D. Coleman is a beacon of light in the field of psychology, dedicated to helping individuals transform their lives and embrace their full potential. With a wealth of expertise as a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist and a former Tenured Professor, Dr. Coleman possesses a unique blend of clinical knowledge and academic insight and has infused her knowledge and expertise into the creation of this unique Mindset Worksheet. 

Here's what you'll discover in the Stuck to Empowered Mindset Shift Worksheet

Explore powerful exercises, practical strategies, and expert insights crafted by Dr. Coleman herself that will help you rewire your mindset, cultivate resilience, and embrace a life of fulfillment.

#1 - Identify

Identify the thought patterns that keep you stuck and learn to break free from their grip.

#2 - Cultivate

Cultivate self-compassion and develop a positive inner dialogue that fuels your success.

#3 - Unleash

Unleash your unique strengths and talents to create a vision for your empowered future.

#4 - Embrace

Embrace mindfulness and conquer stress while enhancing your emotional well-being.

#5 - Harness

Harness the power of gratitude and embrace a mindset of abundance and positivity.

#6 - Develop

Develop effective goal-setting techniques and create an action plan for your dreams.

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